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BIPS Events

BIPS is a series of service packs that help investment promotion agencies and companies to optimise the traditional workflow using the power of communities and digital tools. We can boost the efficency up to 300%, within budget.

Basic Pack:
- Virtual Events: we help you plan and manage virtual events like roadshows, webinars.
- Designing: we design the relevant posters, questionares and social media posts.
- Data Analysis: we filter the leads of participants to highlight the potential dealers.

Standard Pack:
- Everything in Basic Pack
- Social Media Management: we will take care of your social media and online community.
- Business salons: we organise a off-line salon of 50 c-level decision makers from highly interested companies.
- BRICH event show-ups: we will invite you to promote your service in other BRICH events like excutive training programs.

Premium Pack:
- Everything in Standard Pack
- In-depth follow-ups: we help you arrange business investigations to 3 of your targeted companies.

BIPS on-person events news pic 01


Our training for oversea professionals is a costumised service for domestic clients. We help cities, industrial zones, incubators, accelerators and business associations to build executive training programs. We provide contents which covering:
- Cross-culture management
- Risk management
- Security
- Law/tax
- Business investigation

BIPS on-person events news pic 01

Business Trips

We can support your B2B or high-tech brand from conceptualisation to execution on the #1 digital platform in China by building online communities, amplifying brands' voices, and making impacts to both the market and society.

Our Services:
✒️Content copywriting
🎨Graphic and visual design
🎥Video marketing
📅Social media management
👍Community maintainance

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Planning process leads your organization to concretely identify the vision and mission to which your leadership team aspires, as well as to the operational goals and objectives that make your vision and mission attainable.

We work with you and your leadership team to adjust our process for optimum results for your organization’s unique structure in your unique setting.

Whether we are working with local, state or federal government agency strategic plans or providing strategic plans for nonprofits, we expertly and with great attention to detail gather meaningful and enlightening data sets by conducting the following:

-Stakeholder surveys
-One-on-one interviews
-Focus groups
-Market research
-Facilitated group discussions
-Board and leadership team retreats

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