Voice | Swiss green project: High-altitude Floating Solar Panels

Sino-Europe InnoTech Forum was taken place on September 16, 2022, at Price Jun’s Mansion Hotel, Beijing, the forum convened in-depth discussions from technology, business, embassy, non-government organizations and government leaders about how to get to the goals of carbon neutrality.

Swiss Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem (excerpt)

Connie Way, Executive Director Greater China , Biz Switzerland

Leading regions of Swiss Cleantech

Two centers are particularly prolific when it comes to nurturing cleantech start-ups. Zurich and Lausanne, the two Swiss cities home to the country’s Federal Institutes of Technology.

Categories of Swiss Cleantech

Services: Finance, circular economy consulting

Renewable energy: photovoltaic technology, energy storage, hydrogen energy, smart grid

Transport: Sustainable Mobility

Energy efficiency

Resources: Water, Environmental Technology, Advanced Materials, Waste and Resource Recycling

Agricultural technology: commercial application of agriculture and forestry, sustainable food production

Other: Natural Disaster Prevention, Hybrid Technology

High-altitude Floating Solar Panels

A floating structure - the installation consists of 2,240 square meters of solar panels, arranged in five rows of eight over all but one of the 36 floats. The floats are made of polyethylene and the frame supporting the solar panels is aluminium.

These solar panels provide energy for 220 average households each year. After the two-year trial period, taking the feasibility of the project into consideration, the park will expand its scale and supply to about 6,100 households.

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