Sino-Europe InnoTech Forum “Spain Corner”: The reasons why Madrid ranks top in Europe

BRICH has successfully held the first round of Sino-Europe InnoTech Forum on 22nd July. It is a Spanish themed event with 6 guests from high-tech companies and  institutions shared their views on substantial development during the forum.

The 1st speech was delivered by Mr. Enrique, head of Invest in Madrid (also known as Madrid Investment Attraction). He generally introduced the condition of investment in Madrid.

The 2nd speech was given by Mr. Lino Gran, the marketing director of NABRA Wind, a Spanish wind power and new energy company. In his talk, he introduced the company’s advantages in 4 main sectors, such as auto sector , industrial sector, smart grid and new technology.

The 3rd speech was jointly made by Mr. David Arbelo, the business and innovation manager and Mr. Danny Garcia from PR department of Madrid Science Park. In their section, they shared the approach to apply for investment fund and welcomed foreign investors to the Park.

In addition, the financial director of Premo Group, the founder of TedCas (innovative medical device), and the executive of BIPO (HR Service) had also expressed their views on sustainable development.

This round of Forum was organised by Invest in Madrid and BRICH Technology.