Millions Prize | Beijing supports hydrogen energy industry

On August 11th, Beijing Municipal Bureau of  Economy and Information Technology had issued a document named Several Policies and Measures for Supporting the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Beijing, in order to accelerate the development of hydrogen energy industry in Beijing.


1.Beijing will support the first application of new materials.

New material products (hydrogen energy) are preferentially included in the first batch of application demonstration guidance catalogue of key new materials in Beijing.

A single product will be awarded (no more than) 5 million yuan.

A single enterprise will be awarded (no more than)10 million yuan.

2.Beijing will support the first-of-its-kind products to enter the market.

Beijing will support the research institution to create the products which can fill up shortcomings in the key field of hydrogen energy or fill the domestic (international) gap.

The research institution will be given financial support of (no more than) 5 million yuan for internationally innovative products and (no more than) 3 million yuan for domestically innovative products.

3.Beijing will support the development of SMEs.

Beijing will give district-levelfinancial rewards to enterprises that have been rated as "specialized, special and new"