Ireland Country Salon Session #2

On December 4, the "Ireland Country Salon Session #2- Ireland's Financial Services Industry" hosted by the Beijing Office of IDA Ireland and organized by BRICH was successfully held in Beijing. This event is part of the BRICH GET series of country salons, aiming to promote economic cooperation and technological exchange between China and Ireland, and enhance deep communication between the people of the two countries.

The event began with BRICH's CEO Liang Ye introducing the company's international business and the economic development and pillar industries of Ireland. Following this, IDA Ireland Beijing Office Chief Representative Zeng Jiefu gave a detailed introduction of the agency's functions. Derek Lambe, Economic Counselor of the Irish Embassy in China, then shared the cooperation opportunities between China and Ireland in the fields of trade, technology, and education.

Next, Kevin Elliott, Executive Vice President of Bank of Ireland, gave a comprehensive introduction to Ireland's investment environment and financial services industry. He emphasized Ireland's position as a European financial service center and its advantages in attracting foreign investment and supporting innovation. In addition, he mentioned the development opportunities in financial technology, green finance, and insurance sectors in Ireland.

During the Q&A session, participants actively asked questions and discussed with the guests on topics such as Ireland's investment environment, policy support, and cooperation opportunities in the financial services industry. Everyone expressed that through this event, they gained a deeper understanding of Ireland's financial services industry and laid the foundation for future cooperation in this field.

This Ireland Country Salon provided a valuable platform for entrepreneurs interested in investing in Ireland's financial services industry to communicate with industry partners and relevant organizations, discussing opportunities for innovation and development. In the future, Haihua Belt and Road will continue to maintain close contact with partners such as IDA Ireland and hold more similar country salon events, promoting cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and Ireland, and building more cooperation bridges for enterprises of both countries.