GET Program-Ireland 2023

On August 11th, BRICH and the Investment and Development Agency Ireland co-hosted an offline country salon "Discover the Ireland You Don't Know" at the Embassy of Ireland in China.

The event invited Mr. Gareth Hargadon, Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Ireland, and Mr. Zeng Jiefu, Northern China Representative of Investment and Development Agency Ireland, to introduce Ireland's basic national conditions and economic development to the guests, providing an opportunity for the attendees to learn about Ireland up close and creating a good atmosphere to further promote economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Ireland.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Hargadon emphasized the Irish government's encouragement of and welcome to Chinese investment. He said, "We are delighted to share the beauty and uniqueness of Ireland with our friends from China. Ireland is a charming country full of opportunities. We hope that through this country salon event we can deepen our friendship and explore more possibilities for cooperation."

Mr. Zeng Jiefu from Investment and Development Agency Ireland focused on introducing Ireland's basic environment, economic development, investment policies and pillar industries to the participating guests. In the interactive discussion session, Mr. Zeng actively exchanged ideas with the guests and explored the potential and future opportunities for cooperation between China and Ireland. The guests expressed that they looked forward to more such exchange events to continuously deepen their understanding of Ireland and build more bridges for cooperation between the two countries.

BRICH is pleased to see the successful hosting of this event, and will strengthen continued cooperation with the co-host Investment and Development Agency Ireland to sustain the "Discover Ireland" series of country salons, and introduce Ireland's business environment and industry development trends to Chinese entrepreneurs in a more in-depth manner, bringing more opportunities for future exchanges and cooperation between China and Ireland.

The next few events in the country salon series will be held successively. Friends who did not participate this time can pay attention to the public account of BRICH for updates, or scan the code to join the group. Hai BizClub members enjoy priority registration and event seating rights. Please add the customer service at the end for details.