Belgium- Flanders Digital and AI Ecosystem Webinar.


On 13 December 2021, the Belgium-Flanders Digital and AI Ecosystem Webinar was held in Beijing, hosted by Belgium Flanders Investment & Trade(FIT) and organized by China Beijing BRICH Technologies Co., Ltd.

The theme of the webinar was Digital Technology and AI Ecosystem focusing on tech innovation, R&D activies and high-quality development of common concern between China and Belgium Flanders. Inviting experts and officials from FIT to conducted in-depth discussions on innovation, technology, economy, policy----financial support and tax incentives, sustainable development and other fields, aiming to further expand the space and dimension of Digital technology and AI Ecosystem with Flanders regions, and deepen the cooperation with China and Europe.

To bring technology-driven companies from Flanders in touch with the right partners, to attract technology-driven players from China to Flanders and to connect Flanders-based companies, research centers, innovation clusters, discover the forefront of sustainability technological innovation and further collaboration together!


Thanks to keynote speakers for an insightful afternoon sharing openly their ambitions and challenges around digital technology and AI ecosystem.

Peter Tanghe (Science & Technology Counselor at Flanders Investment & Trade) shared Flanders is home to the world-leading nanotechnology research center imec and semiconductor and photonics company eco-system as well as to a rising generation of Digital and AI -ups that have been built on the entrepreneurship and talent coming from the excellent universities.

Lothe Verstraete(Deputy Director Inward Investment Greater China & Korea at Flanders Investment & Trade), shared Flanders in a glance to introduced Flanders, Belgium’s largest region responsible for 82 % of Belgium’s export, is recognized as Innovation Leader on the EU Regional Innovation Scoreboard and is home to a thriving eco-system of universities, research centres and tech companies at the heart of Europe.

Zeyang Cui(Invest Deputy of Flanders Investment and Trade) shared R&D activities, Financial support for R&D and innovation, and 9 available tax incentives in Flanders.