2023 Swiss-China Business Academy Briefing

On March 29, 2023, BRICH and the Biz Switerland jointly hosted the 2023 Swiss-China Business Academy Briefing. The conference is supported by McQueen Technology Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The meeting was held in the form of an online closed-door briefing, chaired by Liang Ye, General Manager of BRICH. The meeting gathered members of HAI BizClub, experts in the field of applied science and technology and business elites from all walks of life, Entrepreneurs, investors and experts who are interested in the economic situation in Switzerland and want to know the status of the region's foreign economic relations.

Professor Markus Prandini from Caledos University of Applied Sciences, Ms. Connie Way, Executive Director of Swiss Trade and Investment Association China, and Ms. Hang Mengyun, Senior Program Officer of FESCO, were invited to give us wonderful speeches.

Switzerland is known for its innovative and entrepreneurial environment, with many Swiss companies succeeding globally with their innovative capabilities and high-quality products. Professor Markus Prandini presented the Global Innovation Index (GII) rankings for 2022, in which Switzerland has appeared at the top of the list 12 times, and China is also improving its ranking.

Professor Markus also shared with us the entrepreneurial spirit of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland, and shared some preferential measures to support technology-based startups, which provided us with a lot of useful inspiration and thinking.

In her speech, Ms. Connie WAY, Executive Director of Biz Switerland, introduced the Swiss-China Enterprise Innovation Cooperation Program.

SCBA Switzerland-Chinese Business Academy

The Swiss Trade and Investment Association is an enterprise training program developed specifically for Swiss companies. The purpose is to introduce and interpret the Chinese market to Swiss enterprises and promote the development of Swiss enterprises in China.

The 2023 Boot Camp curriculum is divided into four categories: policy, operational practice, tax interpretation and capital, and under each category, it will be divided into more detailed nodes for our partners to explain.

Then Ms. Connie WAY introduced the application conditions for joining SCBA and the exclusive rights and interests of the Chinese Strategic Cooperation Organization. For Chinese institutions, joining SCBA can help Chinese industry parks / incubators, etc.:

  • Help China regional investment promotion
  • Rapidly enhance the visibility and brand of the investment region
  • Promoting Sino-Swiss Cooperation Space and Effectively Developing Enterprise Technical Cooperation
  • Learn about the business development plans of Swiss companies in China
  • Accurately match the needs of China and Switzerland, so that Swiss enterprises can land in China more efficiently
  • Switzerland, the world's most innovative country for 12 consecutive years
  • Seamless integration of the Swiss business community, high energy interaction
  • Priority channels for Swiss companies
  • Swiss investment and industry market dynamics

Ms. Connie Way pointed out that the Swiss Chinese Enterprise Innovation Cooperation Training Camp aims to promote innovation cooperation between Swiss and Chinese enterprises, provide a platform for enterprises to exchange and learn, and establish a green channel for two-way exchanges between Chinese and Swiss enterprises.

The last speaker was Ms. Hang Mengyun, Senior Project Officer of FESCO. She mentioned that as one of the largest and most comprehensive HR service providers in China, FESCO is committed to providing comprehensive HR solutions for various organizations and enterprises with warm service and advanced technology.

Then, she brought us the introduction of FESCO international talent comprehensive service, which explained the customized service in China, overseas service and business registration service in detail, and launched the "easy to go to sea" one-stop solution, so that everyone here has a deeper understanding of FESCO services.

The event has been successful in helping entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in the Swiss region, The investor provided a very good prospect analysis and achieved a good vision of promoting cooperation between Swiss and Chinese enterprises and promoting the innovative development of enterprises of the two countries, injecting new vitality into the Swiss-China economic and trade cooperation. It has truly realized the exchange of high-quality resources between China and Switzerland, complementary and win-win.