Belgium - Flanders Investment and Promotion

Through research and collection, information related to Flanders have been introduced to the participants, which has improved their attention and cognition of Flanders.
In order tointroduce the development of digital and artificial intelligence in Flandersregion and enhance the exchange of high-tech industries between China andFlanders of Belgium, Beijing BRICH Technology Service Co., Ltd. organizedonline activities entrusted by Flanders Investment and Trade.The live broadcast of the event has been held on December 16, 2021.
The event hasbeen successfully completed and the number of participants has met therequirements of the plan. And has had a certain influence in the businesscircle of Beijing.

Based on thepreference of Chinese internet and the Chinese entrepreneur‘s community, we chose WeChatecosystem as our foundation of event promotion methods. From 9th November to 12th December, wehave released 20 promotion articles regarding to Belgium and Flanders. Thearticles have helped us to warming up the event, making background introductionand attracting participants.

We successfullybuilt a WeChat group of 209 people for this event. This is a high-qualityonline community of Chinese entrepreneurs. We have improved the participationeffect of entrepreneurs in this event by means of posters, topic constructionand topic controls. This WeChat Group provides a long-term and sustainablevalue.

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