• Expanding Your Business to China



    We are professional in providing advices and development strategies to start-ups aiming at launching business in China and other b&r countries. Elite teams who have served billion dollars businesses in belt and road area. As we described in our version, you can find us a trusted team to cooperate on organizing and operating your company. You are invited to find solutions in the following areas: law & policy reading, finance & tax, business development strategy, specific subjects study, and project cooperation, etc.



    BRICH has the capability to connect you with the relevant government divisions that your targeted market affiliated to no matter which market you plan to access, establish good relations with the officials in that division, learn how to use a good public relation to build your brand and image in that market, so that assure you a safe political environment and avoid some risks that may be caused by inappropriate public relation management.



    Any potential project matters.

    By Cooperating with BRICH, your company will know more specific and detailed information of your competitors and targeted investors in b&r region, know how to improve your business plan, get opportunities to be recommended to right investors and select the most matched ones, and finally get funds to your bank account.



    Marketing strategies change at every moment in today's market with increasing technology innovations. The rich experience of our marketing team in b&r region will power your company to have a comprehensive understanding on the market environment, customers behaviors, and the competitiveness of your product in a certain market along b&r, help you to find your right marketing strategy and marketing platform.



    Like the all the above services we provide, project or product localization is right based on an excellent integration of consulting, marketing, and public relations. BRICH has offices in 12 countries along b&r and 3 cities in China, where our local teams are ready to serve you for the localization of your products and projects, being familiar with your future customers, and getting right local team and technologies.

  • Right Ways to Show Your Products

    organizing the following events to show your products to the world!

    International Conference

    Events Organizer

    Every year, thousands of international conferences organized by NGOs and governments are held in China and other countries along belt and road to enhance the communication and cooperations among countries. As one the partners of Zhognguancun Science City Administrative Committee, BRICH has organized several international conferences or events successfully and has the capability to organize any international conference, big or small, with topic or a general one, and at the same time is honor to invite potential project founders and entrepreneurs to take part in the conferences.


    Innovation Driver

    We are aware that every startup needs opportunities, so we not only find roadshow chances for startups, but create roadshow opportunities and other forms of activities or competitions with our partners around China and along belt and road, to promote industrial communication and discussion, and establish a platform of mutual learning and mutual promotion among startups, so as to drive the international innovation in our own way.

    Business Tour

    Trending Observer

    We organize 5-6 business tours to belt and road countries every year,the frequency may be larger when the COVID-19 pandemic over. We welcome your advices of where to go and why going, of the highlight industries and innovations in your country or region. The most important, we welcome you and your team to come to China and to experience and learn from the dynamic, vigorous, and innovative ecosystem!

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