Spanish Culture, New Energy and Wind Power Project Exchange

On July 17, BRICH successfully held another International Entrepreneurs Club Country Series Salon Activity titled Spanish Culture, New Energy and Wind Power Project Exchange Meeting.

On July 17, 2021, to promote cultural, scientific and technological exchange between China and Spain, Beijing BRICH Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BRICH) co-hosted International Entrepreneurs Club Country Series Salon Activity titled Spanish Culture, New Energy and Wind Power Project Exchange Meeting, along with Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), Belt and Road Capacity Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as Capacity Cooperation Center) and Beijing (Haidian) Overseas Students Pioneer Park (hereinafter referred to as Pioneer Park).

We would like to extend our thanks to Fidelidade, a subsidiary of Fosun Group, for their great catering services at the event.

This time, the offline salon focused on the current status and development of the new energy field in China and Spain. The event also featured an online meeting, mainly including a project demonstration by a Spanish company for its Spanish wind power technology project. The event invited more than 40 people, including representatives from "going out" enterprises, investors, wind power enterprises in Spain, new energy technology entrepreneurs from Zhongguancun, and representatives from club member companies who are interested in new energy in Spain and have the intention to invest in Spain.

This event aims to facilitate the exchange of high-quality resources between Chinese and Spanish enterprises, to build a professional information platform for enterprises to have a deep understanding of Spanish culture and science & technology development in the field of wind power, and to assist member enterprises to carry out specific cooperation such as project landing and business matching, in order to finally achieve a win-win situation between Chinese and Spanish enterprises.

At the salon, BRICH invited the chief representative of China Representative Office of Madrid Investment Promotion Agency and top speakers from related industries to introduce and explain relevant policies as well as the latest industry trends to the audience, all while providing professional suggestions for enterprises to "go abroad" in Spain.

The conference adopted an online-and-offline combined approach. The project demo by the Spanish high-tech wind power company mainly introduced its cutting-edge wind measurement technology, shared with the audience the background of the company, and expressed its strong willingness to cooperate with Chinese enterprises to develop overseas third-party market.

In the end,  BRICH’s International Talent Training Plan was officially released during this activity. Liang Ye, the Deputy General Manager of BRICH, explained this plan to the audience in detail, including the purpose and significance of this Plan; the structure of training programs; specific contents and significance of each module; and applicable organizations and enterprises etc. BRICH hopes to contribute to the upgrading of enterprises by helping train high-quality international talents for various organizations and enterprises through this training program.

NO. 1

Li Dan (Executive Secretary of CREIA) introduced the new energy industry dynamics, the promotion and application of new energy technology, are the overall development of China's renewable energy industry characteristics from several aspects such as hydro-power, wind power, photovoltaic, and biomass , as well as their development opportunities, current challenges and future prospects.

NO. 2

Liu Chaoan (former Chairman of North China Engineering Co. Ltd) shared some thoughts on the present status of China’s electric power industry, and the main characteristics of China’s electric power industry development over the past decade. From the viewpoint of building a new type of power system, he proposed a few questions for electric power enterprises and governments to start thinking about.  


Gao Haiyang (Chief Representative of China Representative Office of Madrid Municipal Investment Promotion Agency) introduced the new energy industry policies and climate policies of Spain, so that the audience can have had a detailed understanding of the prospect and abundant resources of the new energy industry in Spain. At last, he encouraged both the enterprises at home and abroad to continue to stay interested in Spain and welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest in and cooperate with Spain in the new energy industry.


Tian Yongqing (Deputy General Manager of Beijing Foreign Investment Human Resources Co., Ltd.) explained in detail the steps for foreign companies to set up in China, including foreign investment policies, project location, project approval and filing, and provided suggestions on how to bring in science and technology management talents and put forward favorable policies after the landing and implementation and projects.

NO. 5

Ning Fei (Deputy Secretary General of Capacity Cooperation Center) introduced the achievements of Capacity Cooperation Center on Belt and Road Initiative, and the successful investments in Spanish projects, including the olive oil project and the cosmetic product project. He introduced the first step of "going out" for domestic enterprises, and reminded everyone to take advantage of the variety of platforms and organizations in order to successfully expand into overseas market.  

NO. 6

Kou Yanjiang (Chief Representative of Fidelidade’s Beijing Representative Office, a subsidiary of Fosun Group) introduced to us how insurance can contribute to the development of new energy industry by introducing six types of risks facing new energy projects. By introducing the development and specific services of Fidelidade in various countries, he encouraged more enterprises to consider entering a win-win cooperation with Fidelidade

NO. 7

Liang Ye (Deputy General Manager of BRICH.) announced the official release of BRICH International Talent Training Plan and introduced its main structure, specific training modules and contents.  

NO. 8

Peter (the global chief CMO of Kintech Engineering) introduced the advanced features and advantages of the company's wind power acquisition recorders, highlighting its superior product performance. the company’s global business cooperation, as well as the intention of seeking partners.

No. 9

This salon event prepared a variety of snacks and drinks so that guests could share their experiences and network with peers in a relaxing atmosphere as much as possible.