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    Meng Xin Visited Malaysia Investment Promotion Bureau


    Our CEO visited Minister Yoo Kelly of Malaysia Investment Promotion bureau. The two sides exchanged views on the Malaysian Science and Technology Park project, related investment projects.

    Global Business Opportunity-Ukraine and Uzbekistan


    Today, a seminar on Ukraine and Uzbekistan business opportunities organized by BRICH Tech was held successfully in Beijing.

    This seminar invited more than 40 officials from Ukraine and Uzbekistan Economic Development Department, Administration Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other government departments to attend the meeting to emphasis on the introduction of investment opportunities and the investment environments in the two countries. At the same time, Chinese enterprises also got opportunities to communicate and discuss with the government officials.

    Swiss and Chinese Biopharmaceutical Enterprises Reached Preliminary Cooperation Intention


    In today's meeting, the two parties further discussed their cooperation intentions.Meng Xin introduced the preferential policies of Zhongguancun Science City for joint venture and foreign investment enterprises. They visited Zhongguancun Dongsheng International Park-Global Health industry Innovation Center together. The member enterprises and the Swiss company said that they would improve their business cooperation mode after the visit and sign MoU to further establish a joint venture Company in China.

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    Colorful Membership Activities

    Going global Together


    The subject of today's activity is " going global-High tech Enterprises should go global hand by hand".

    More than 40 people, including Li Lihua, the head of International Cooperation Department of Haidian District Administrative Committee, Yang Chengxiu, secretary-general of the Center, Jia Ping, general counsel of the Center, and classmates from the two international training programs, attended the activity and discussed on the subject. It was presided by Zhang Yue, the president of Beijing Haohan Data Information Technology Co., LTD.

    The Second Member Event Held Successfully


    Today, members gathered in Crystal Computer Graphics to witness the establishment of the organizing team of the Zhongguancun Association of Enterprises for Overseas Development.

    At present, the Association is in the process of getting the approval of the Haidian Government. The Association is aims to be a NGO that could bring Chinese advanced technologies to the countries along belt and road so as to facilitate the digitalization of these countries.

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