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Invited to the Swiss Embassy in China to participate in the Reception 2020, discussing in-depth the next cooperation plan


On December 10, 2020, BRICH’s CEO Mr Meng Xin was invited to participate in the 2020 year-end celebration at the Swiss Embassy in China.

The celebration was held at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, and was attended by Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang, Swiss Ambassador Bernardino Regazzoni, EU ambassadors and counsellors, and Chinese partners from various industries.

Bernardino Regazzoni, Swiss Ambassador to China, said that this year is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, which is significant to commemorate. Although some activities could not be carried out due to the COVID-19, the Swiss Embassy in China will continue to vigorously promote Sino-Swiss cooperation and hold a variety of bilateral activities in 2021 and looks forward to the continued attention of partners from various industries.

In the subsequent exchange activities, Dr Meng Xin communicated with many Swiss IPA and embassy officials, and invited the Swiss Business Hub to visit the Zhongguancun Science City Exhibition Center and the member companies of BRICH, and finally the two sides preliminarily discussed and agreed on the cooperation plan for 2021, taking into account of the pandemic.

BRICH engages in an in-depth cooperation with Swiss Business Hub and Zhongguancun enterprises, providing precise investment services for both companies, holding online industry promotion meetings, and building a bridge between China and Switzerland for technology and innovation cooperation.

Brief introduction of Switzerland:

Switzerland held the top position in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 ranking, making it the most innovative economy in the world, with the health and medical industries being the world’s trailblazer. Switzerland retains its position as the world leader in innovation for ten consecutive years, excelling as a producer of high-quality innovation in business sectors with a large number of knowledge-intensive jobs and high R&D spending executed and funded by the private sector.

Lucerne is the most well-known Swiss region in China. As the most beautiful city in Switzerland and Europe, Lucerne is the city that attracts the most Chinese tourists in Europe; the Capel Bridge in Lucerne is one of the icons of Switzerland. The canton of Lucerne is located in the German-speaking region of north-central Switzerland, just 45 minutes by car from Zurich International Airport and one hour from Basel International Airport, providing convenient access to Europe and the world. Located in the "Zurich-Zug-Lucer" tri-lake region, the canton of Lucerne is home to the largest life science cluster in Switzerland, with more than 200 international life science companies in the region. Led by the Lucerne Science Park and CTI, Lucerne is also home to high-tech and IT clusters in agro-technology, financial technology, green technology, and micro-technology. In addition, Lucerne is a traditional industrial manufacturing base outside Zurich and a leader in the food industry and the hospitality sector.

The canton of Lucerne has become a popular area for international companies to set up their headquarters as it has one of the lowest general corporate income taxes in Switzerland and Western Europe (12.3%), ample highly qualified international talent, convenient access to the city, and competitively low business operating costs.

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