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Fifteen Measures for Accelerating the Innovation-driven Development of Artificial Intelligence in Zhongguancun Science City


To implement the national and municipal decision on the development of next-generation artificial intelligence, build an innovation ecosystem in AI field featuring the pool of top talents, the flourishing of original theories, the proliferating of core technologies and the cross-sector integrated development of frontier industries, continue to foster the distinctive and leading AI industrial clusters, build a globally-oriented AI original innovation center and industrial pacesetter, and support the establishment of national pilot zone for the next-generation AI innovation and development in Beijing, these Measures are hereby formulated.

Article 1 Strengthening the capacity for original innovation. We will support top scientists and their teams from universities, institutes, new research and development institutions and innovative enterprises in their research and exploration of the frontiers of artificial intelligence, and develop major original academic thoughts and theories in core fundamental theories, methods, tools and systems. We will encourage innovation entities to adopt internationally-geared, flexible and independent scientific research organization forms and a more scientific evaluation system, and carry out cross-sector, cross-disciplinary and highly coordinated advanced research and innovation to tackle key problems in the future, so as to promote cross-industry integration and technological leapfrog development. For institutions and teams that make breakthroughs by leaps and bounds, we will provide a financial support of up to RMB 200 million in the way of "one deliberation for one case"

Article 2 Focusing on original innovation of core technologies. We will support enterprises in tackling key problems in basic core technologies and key generic technologies such as AI chips, core algorithms, operating systems, basic software and intelligent sensors. For projects that lead the industrial development or achieved disruptive breakthroughs, we will give funding support of up to RMB 10 million in line with its technological innovation and investment. For projects of special importance, we will support them for three consecutive years in principle according to the implementation of the projects.

1. Artificial intelligence chips. We will make more efforts to support the key IP R&D of AI processor chip architecture and instruction set, encourage the deep integration of chips, algorithms and applications, and support the large-scale commercialization of AI chips for intelligent terminals, autonomous driving, intelligent security, smart home and other sectors.

2. Core algorithms. We will support the research on cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, brain cognition and brain-like computing. We will promote the development of algorithms for computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, biometric recognition, new types of human-computer interaction, and autonomous decision control, and accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms.

3. Operating system and basic software. We will support the R&D of underlying technologies and core cloud architecture for AI operating systems, open-source hardware and software systems and middleware.

4. Intelligent sensors. We will support the R&D and design services of intelligent sensor products, as well as the development of intelligent sensor products for biology, gas, pressure, flow, inertia, distance, image, acoustics and environment, in a way to accelerate their large-scale application in high-end consumer electronics, autonomous driving and intelligent security and other industries, and scale up the application of intelligent sensors.

Article 3 Developing open-source and innovation platforms. We will encourage major innovation players to build open-source innovation platforms to provide fundamental support for the R&D and application of AI. We will support leading enterprises, to jointly build an AI collaborative innovation platform with universities, upstream and downstream enterprises along the industrial chain, carry out industry-oriented technological and product innovations; we will encourage enterprises to develop AI open-source and generic technology platforms around key areas and key generic technologies such as visions, voice recognition, autonomous decision control; we will support leading enterprises in the industry in building AI public computing platforms to opening computing resources to the industry. For the platform that plays a prominent in role in supporting and driving the technological upgrading of upstream and downstream enterprises of the AI industrial chain, we will give a fund support of up to RMB 10 million. we will support them for three consecutive years in principle according to its supporting and driving performance.

Article 4 Giving great impetus to demonstration application of "AI plus". We will accelerate the in-depth integration of AI into various industries and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, and develop a series of in-depth AI application scenarios focusing on the areas such as "AI plus"transportation, medical treatment, finance, manufacturing and education. We will encourage key enterprises and professional institutions in relevant industries to build a resource library for specific industries and typical application scenarios, and support the R&D and industrialization of industry-oriented AI products and solutions. For projects with strong demonstration effects and sound industrial driving effects, we will grant a funding support of up to RMB 10 million according to its investment and economic and social benefits.

Article 5 Comprehensively optimizing the layout of the AI industry. We will increase the space carrying capacity of AI industry, provide no less than 1 million square meters of industrial space through new construction and reconstruction of existing space, and build a cluster of high-quality artificial intelligence R&D and industrial innovation. We will build a new landmark of artificial intelligence in the area of the west gate of Peking University, gathering high-end innovation elements and developing an AI original innovation center; we will build AI themed buildings and micro parks integrated new urban forms in the area of Zhongguancun Street, Zhichun Road, and Xueyuan Road, especially along the Zhongguancun Street, Zhichun Road, Chengfu Road and the western district of Zhongguancun; we will build an AI theme park that is highly integrated with the application scenarios and taken the shape of a demonstration urban in the future along the Beiqing Road with Zhongguancun No.1 as the center, in Shangdi -Software Park, Dongsheng Science and Technology Park (Phase I, II, and III). We will support enterprises in extending R&D chains and industrial chains to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, especially to the Xiong'an region, to the whole country and even to the globe, and continuing expand the influence of the industry.

Article 6 Encouraging investment for the early-stage and long-term AI projects. Together with the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, we will launch a total of RMB 2 billion entrepreneurship fund for artificial intelligence scientists. We will set up an AI industrial guidance fund with an amount of RMB 1 billion and adopt the mode of "fund of funds + direct investment"to support early projects and major projects of artificial intelligence and extend the support cycle. We will support the establishment of AI sub-funds focusing on the investment for early-stage and long-term projects.

Article 7 Promoting stage-based consecutive investment and portfolio investment for industrial chain. We will guide social capital to make continuous investment and rolling investment at different stages of the development of AI technology, strength the portfolio investment and distribution of industrial chains in segmented fields, and provide a stable and sustainable capital supply for the development of artificial intelligence.

Article 8 Encouraging the formulation of high-quality standards. We will support enterprises in participating in the formulation of AI standards at home and abroad, and give financial support of up to RMB 3 million to the formulation units of approved international, national and industrial standards.

Article 9 Enhancing the development of innovation resource libraries and intellectual property resources repositories in key AI fields. We will support the establishment of high-quality and open resource libraries for AI training data sets, standard test data sets and other R&D needs of key sectors and products in key areas such as computer vision, natural language processing and autonomous driving, so as to provide fundamental support for technology research and development. We will support professional institutions, industrial organization and championship enterprises in establishing AI intellectual property resource repositories and providing high-quality and specialized intellectual property services. We will encourage innovation entities to develop oversea intellectual property rights around key areas of artificial intelligence.

Article 10 Optimizing AI testing and evaluation system. We will support third-party professional institutions, industry leading enterprises and industry organizations in taking the lead in the formulation of the standards and norms for AI testing, evaluation and assessment, develop testing and assessment tools and database and to provide professional testing and assessment services. We will reduce the cost of R&D and testing for enterprises, and subsidize the relevant expenses incurred by enterprises in the process of R&D and testing, such as testing environment construction, hardware and software procurement, equipment leasing, data and information services, and third-party testing services at a rate not higher than 30% of the testing expenses of enterprises, and within a maximum subsidy of RMB 3 million.

Article 11 Giving full play to the roles of multi-facet industrial organizations. We will support industrial alliances, associations and other industrial organizations in the field of artificial intelligence in enhancing their organizational capacity, carrying out industrial research, establishing an industrial public service platform, organizing alliance members to carry out cooperation and industrial exchanges among industries, universities and research institutes, and award the alliance and association with significant results up to RMB 1 million.

Article 12 Introducing and supporting international top talents and teams in various ways. For individuals and teams that have won top international awards such as the Turing Award and the Fields Medal, we will support them referring to Article 1; For individuals and teams with internationally advanced core technologies or proprietary intellectual property rights within and outside the region, the government equity investment shall be given priority to its achievement transformation projects; For international top talents introduced by enterprises, a one-time supporting subsidy for settlement fee shall be granted.

Article 13 Implementing the AI young leader cultivation program. We will build a training school for AI senior talents, and carrying out trainings in the areas of deep learning algorithms, system architecture and integrated application together with universities, leading enterprises and well-known training institutions at home and abroad. The talents who have won in internationally recognized mainstream competitions will be granted a one-time reward.

Article 14 Enhancing international exchanges and cooperation. Relying on top brands such as ZGC Forum, we will launch academic exchanges and industrial cooperation activities such as forums and summits with extensive influence in the field AI. For innovation entities in the region who have achieved significant results in holding relevant industry exchanges, a financial support of up to RMB 5 million at a rate not higher than 30% of the actual investment will be granted.

Article 15 Hosting top-level competitions. We will support the organization of AI challenge competitions with various themes and other activities to select all kinds of outstanding talents. For innovation entities in the region who have achieved significant results in hosting relevant competitions, a financial support of up to RMB 5 million at a rate not higher than 30% of the actual investment will be granted.

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