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BRICH promotes and paves the way for cooperation between Zhongguancun enterprises and Kazakhstan


On October 23, 2020, Mr. Toliegen, Counsellor of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in China, visited Haohan Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haohan Data") for visits and exchanges. Dr. Meng Xin, CEO of BRICH Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BRICH"), Deputy General Manager Dou Yinan, Deputy General Manager Zhang Li and Strategic Planning Department Zhou Lili extended a warm welcome to Counsellor Toliegen.

Deputy General Manager Dou Yinan first introduced Haohan Data's products which are widely used in internet traffic monitoring, data collection, network security and application services, as well as in the fields of high-speed data processing, massive data acquisition and in-depth information mining technology and service capabilities. Counsellor Toliegen expressed great interest in this. He said that Kazakhstan is currently actively promoting the construction of "Digital Kazakhstan 2025". China's achievements in the telecommunications industry are evident to all. The Kazakhstan government very much hopes to introduce advanced equipment and technology from China. It is hoped that through this exchange, Kazakhstan enterprises and Haohan Deepin will become in-depth partners.

Subsequently, Dr. Meng Xin introduced BRICH which has been aiming at serving enterprises and linking global science and technology projects, supporting the internationalisation of the Science City Management Committee, building an international cooperation platform, and serving enterprises. BRICH leads the way to create a "big data analysis + precise docking" model to accurately dock corporate cooperation projects.

Finally, Dr. Meng Xin expressed the hope that Haohan Data and Kazakhstan will establish a partnership through BRICH to promote the cooperation between Zhongguancun technology companies and Kazakhstan, assist China-Kazakhstan cooperation projects, and promote the construction of "Digital Kazakhstan 2025".

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