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BRICH met with the Belgian Embassy to discuss a new chapter of cooperation between Chinese and Belgian life science companies


On December 10, 2020, CEO Dr. Meng Xin and VP Mr. Liang Ye, visited Ms. Justine COLOGNESI, Attaché and Representative of Wallonia-Brussels in China, from the Belgian Embassy in China, to discuss the direction of cooperation between Chinese and Belgian high-tech enterprises and life science parks.

First, Dr. Meng Xin gave an overview of BRICH, its current achievements, its member companies and the direction of future development to Ms. Justine COLOGNESI. BRICH is a one-stop service provider of "going abroad" and "bringing in" for enterprises in Zhongguancun Science City. The company used the pandemic period to build an AI big data business platform for resource integration and provided online promotion and big data analysis services for the commercial offices of European embassies in China. BRICH also provides online promotion and big data analysis services for the European Embassy in China.

Ms.Justine COLOGNESI then introduced the special industries of the Walloon Region, which has a long history in the field of biotechnology, with many world-famous companies such as GSK, IBA, Baxter, UCB, Delphi Genetics, and a large number of small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the Walloon Region has formed a complete biopharmaceutical industry chain with a significant industrial clustering effect.

Justine COLOGNESI expressed that the needs of Walloon companies are very compatible with the services BRICH provides and looked forward to cooperating with BRICH. Following this, the two sides will explore the possibility of further cooperation and hold online dialogues with technology companies from both sides.

Introduction to Belgium:

Located on the western coast of Europe, the Kingdom of Belgium is at the crossroads of Europe, both geographically and culturally. The capital city of Brussels is not only home to the world-famous battlefield of Waterloo but is also the seat of the main administrative bodies of the European Union and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making it the "capital of Europe". Brussels is also the host city of more than 200 international administrative centers and the daily meetings of more than 1,000 official bodies.

The Walloon Region of Belgium is adjacent to the capital of Belgium, Brussels, and is located in a prime location in the center of Europe, with a convenient transportation network that allows quick access to the major economic centers of Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London, and directly to the large consumer market in Europe. The Walloon Region attaches great importance to innovative R&D opportunities and knowledge ecosystems, with 2.5% of GDP allocated to R&D and has the most competitive R&D incentive policy in Europe. With seven science and technology parks, five universities and more than 300 research centers, the Walloon Region has competitive clusters in the aerospace, agro-food, mechanical engineering and high-tech materials, life sciences, transport and logistics, environmental technology and other industries, and six core competencies and other high-tech industries that place the Walloon Region at the forefront of development.

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