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BRICH International Entrepreneurs Club Country Series Salon Activity"-French Culture and Technology Project Exchange and Sharing Meeting Held successfully

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On May 15, 2021, BRICH Technology Service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "BRICH) allied with Zhongguancun Haixing Promotion Council Belt and Road Capacity Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as the "capacity cooperation center") and Beijing (haidian district) Pioneer Park (hereinafter referred to as the "Pioneer Park") jointly held "BRICH International EntrepreneursClub Country Series Salon Activity"-French Culture and Technology Project Exchange and Sharing Meeting.At the same time, this event was also strongly supported by Zhongguancun International Talent Exchange Center. 

This event in the form of salon, gathered experts and scholars from BRICH International Entrepreneurs Club members entrepreneurs and representatives of French enterprises as well as high-end business people in the cultural circle,who are interested in French projects investment and interested in understanding French culture.

Guests invited to the event shared their professional information and experience in various industries.The General Secretary of the Capacity Cooperation Center shared the analysis on the current situation of the Belt and Road and the relevant preferential policies of the Belt And the Road project at the present stage.Pioneer Park share a one-stop service content for foreigners to start-up businesses in China;Human resources experts from France share their country's techniques on evaluation and recruitment; French experts introduced French culture and French business etiquette taboos, who is specially invited by Beijing Foreign Studies University.

In addition,Salon activity also invited the founder of BRICH and head of the China-Europe division in Qingkong Guochuang (Beijing) Equity Investment Management co., LTD to share the Europe projects and roadshow. In the process of the roadshow , we also invited the biological medicine experts in France to share French small molecule drugs reset research and development situation in detail for the guests in the form of online synchronous access to the venue.The company is currently developing two new drugs to treat COVID-19 and rheumatism, and experts presented the company's progress in the development of these drugs.

Mr Yang Chengxiu ,SecretaryGeneral Capacity Cooperation Center (former Counselor of Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia) spoke about the development status and future direction of The Belt And The Road

Zhong Fengxin (Head of International Business of Haidian Pioneer Park) introduced the one-stop service system and contents of Haidian n Pioneer Park.

Nicolas Fusier(General Manager,of Recruitment and Development, Beijing Branch of Shanghai Tanghu Talent Consulting Co., Ltd.) shared his experience in the field of HR in China and France.

Dr. Fleur Chabaille-Wang Yuhua (Distinguished Expert of School of French Language and Culture in Beijing Foreign Studies University) shared the general situation of French culture, so that participants could have a deep understanding of French cultural taboos and social etiquette to avoid a series of problems such as communication problems caused by cultural differences when enterprises“go abroad”. 

Dr. Meng Xin (the executive secretary of the center and the founder of BRICH) introduced the BRICH vision of Connecting the global projects, demonstrated the services that current development of the company has brought to enterprises, and helped enterprises to achieve international development overseas.

Wang Yu(head of the China-Europe division in Qingkong Guochuang (Beijing) Equity Investment Management co., LTD)

Martinage Jérôme(Senior European investor, managing director of 4P Pharma and former executive of French drug company Sanofi. 

This activity is first stop for BRICH international entrepreneurs club series country salon activity.The French culture and science and technology project roadshow as the main content for this event, aim at providing platform for the enterprises, those make France as main area of developing overseas business,understanding of French culture deeply, helping enterprises to carry out accurate docking project or business This activity is presided over by Wang Wei, deputy general manager of BRICH.

As service suppliers ,BRICH is promoting globalization of high-tech enterprise products , providing enterprises with international communication and science and technology project accurate docking at home and abroad ,building pragmatic cooperation channels and solving the real problems for enterprise when they go abroad,inking the global science and technology project as vision, building a bridge of for science and technology enterprises for communication“go out”and “bring in”.Providing one-stop solution to the problems and difficulties occur when “go abroad “and” bring in “for the enterprise . 

Up to now, there are 3,791 follower on BRICH and there are more than 300 elites have joined BRICH Family.The first-hand project source of BRICH has helped member enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation and docking with foreign enterprises in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other regions 

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