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BRICH and Madrid signed MOU to jointly build a new bridge for cooperation between Chinese and Spanish enterprises


On Jan. 10, 2021, BRICH Technologies Co. Ltd, has succesfully signed MOU with Madrid Investment Attraction (Beijing), starting the friendly cooperation relationship between Madrid and Chinese technology companies.

Mr. Gao Haiyang, representative of MIA (Beijing), and Mr. Meng Xin, CEO of BRICH has been present at the MOU signing ceremony. Mr. Enrique, Director of MIA of Economic Affairs Department, Economic, Innovation and Employment Bureau, and Mr. Daniel, Managing Director of MIA, witnessed the ceremony online.

As a strategic partner of the Madrid representative office in China, BRICH will provide a series of professional services and support for Spanish technology companies (Internet technology, artificial intelligence, chip research and development, bioengineering) in China to find partners and industrial research and development and industrial landing. BRICH will help to find and promote technology parks and international incubators in Beijing and across the country that can cooperate, and provide services such as early entry for Madrid technology companies and R&D personnel to expand into the Chinese market.

At the same time, MIA will also provide early-stage incubation and early-stage office space for company registration to Chinese technology companies provided by Chinese companies as shared office use during the transition period. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of a sister city between Madrid and Beijing. Both parties will build a bridge for cooperation between Chinese and Spanish science and technology enterprises for scientific and technological talent cooperation between the two countries, and make preliminary work plans and preparations for the implementation of specific scientific and technological cooperation projects.

Finally, the two parties reached an agreement that the Madrid government recommends 10 scientific and technological projects to BRICH that can be implemented in China each year, and BRICH will also recommend 10 member enterprise projects to be implemented in Madrid, Spain, to jointly promote cooperation and exchanges between scientific and technological enterprises of the two sides.

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